Daniele Genadry: The Fall


Daniele Genadry: The Fall

12 February, 2016 to 18 April, 2016
Twin Galleries, GF
  • Daniele Genadry
    b. 1980
    Baltimore, Maryland, United States
    Lives between Beirut, Lebanon and New York, United States
    The Fall (Afqa)
    Acrylic and oil on canvas
    221 x 345.4 cm

This solo exhibition showcases recent work by New York-based artist Daniele Genadry. Working across painting and drawing, Genadry’s transformed landscapes play with ingrained ways of perceiving the world by exploring how memory, migration, and movement affect our relationship to images. Multiple viewpoints, decentralized images and shifting frames within the work relate to the distortion characteristic of the way we receive information.

Familiar landscapes from Lebanon are reworked, partitioned, and abstracted, playing with imagination and perception, calling up images, like cinematic frames, that have been fixed in our collective memories.

With thanks to Taymour Grahne Gallery.

Download the exhibition guide in Arabic and English.