Hammoud Badawi: Publication Launch and Panel Discussion


Hammoud Badawi: Publication Launch and Panel Discussion


Monday 9 November 2015, 16:00 to 17:30

In Arabic
Free admission

Join us for a panel discussion with  Adib Dada,  Omar Fakhoury and Marwan Rechmaoui, moderated by Mayssa Fattouh, presenting their experiences and visions on the future of art projects in urban public space in the context of Beirut. This discussion marks the publication launch of Hammoud Badawi, part of the Hammoud Badawi project on the Beirut River initiated by TandemWorks in collaboration with theOtherDada. The project raises awareness about issues of citizenship and environmental values through focus group discussions, a commissioned sound installation in the public space by artist Vartan Avakian, and a free zine distributed across Bourj Hammoud and Badawi and as a supplement on the same day with As-Safir newspaper.

Adib Dada, Founder, theOtherDada, Integrated Architecture Lab
Omar Fakhoury, Artist
Marwan Rechmaoui, Artist
Moderated by Mayssa Fattouh, Co-Founder and Artistic Director, TandemWorks

Publication contributors:
Rayya Badran, Nadia Christidi, Omar Fakhoury, Jessika Khazrik, Joanne Nucho, Public Works, Marwan Rechmaoui, theOtherDada, TandemWorks, and Sarah Lily Yassine

Rayya Badran - English
Ziad Chakaroun - Arabic
Nare Kalemkerian - Armenian

Copy Editors:
Samar Haddad - Arabic
Nora Parseghian - Armenian
Ghalya Saadawi - English

Designed by: Public Works


TandemWorks is an art initiative founded by Mayssa and Alia Fattouh advocating change on social, cultural and environmental issues in Arab countries. They commission interventions in the public realm by creating strongly knit interactions between communities and socially engaged artists with the collaboration of interdisciplinary practitioners, researchers, local and international institutions, independent initiatives, civil society and the private and public sectors.