"La Plume de Pierre" Display

Special Program

"La Plume de Pierre" Display

In partnership with the Pierre Sadek Foundation

1 March – 13 March

Free admission

A special display of caricatures produced by the finalists for La Plume de Pierre award, set up by the Pierre Sadek Foundation to promote and showcase emerging talent in the field of caricature.

Pierre Sadek (1938-2013) was Lebanon’s leading political caricaturist, depicting with wit and insight the political events of the county and the region. Sadek’s caricatures were daily fixtures on Al Mustaqbal and LBC, as well as in numerous daily newspapers. Throughout his life, he produced over 30,000 caricatures, which together serve as a document of modern Lebanese history from 1958-2013. These caricatures are now safeguarded by the Pierre Sadek Foundation, established in 2013.