The Sursock Museum is the modern and contemporary art institution of Beirut and Lebanon, and its main public platform for debate, critical thinking, learning and unlearning. It aims to be the main caretaker of the collective memory of the city of Beirut in its multiple identities and complexities at the heart of Lebanon and the region.



To achieve its vision, the Sursock Museum shall host a diverse interdisciplinary program of performances, exhibitions, talks and screenings of local, regional and international creative thinkers. Through residencies and open access to its extensive archives and spaces it will incubate new publications and research, cultural projects and experimentations in new media. The Museum will develop a learning program accessible to a wide audience through debates, internships, mediators, workshops, and fellowships in partnerships with local and international schools, universities, and scientific institutions. To increase its relevance and outreach to the widest audience possible of citizens, residents and visitors of all ages, the Museum will remain free of charge, trilingual, and its collection will travel to other cities in Lebanon.



The Museum will aim to:

- organize two large and three medium-size exhibitions per year

- digitize and give online access to its archives and collection

- invite two resident artists and historians per year

- program two series of cultural conferences per year

- host public screenings and talks at the auditorium monthly

- conduct and publish research

- widen the audience of the public to reach 200 000 visitors per year from all the regions of Lebanon

- organize one exhibition with highlights from the collection outside the walls of the museum outside of Beirut

- acquire Lebanese artists