Sound commission: Beyrouth, Septembre 2021 – Karine Wehbé

The sound piece follows the artist as she walks around the Gemmayze neighborhood where she has been living since 2000. The work takes the form of a healing peregrination, where background sounds intersect with everyday dialogues and the artist inner voice. Through encounters with neighbors, business owners and family members, the affect and impact of the past couple of years become more and more perceptible on the artist intimate landscape.

Karine Wehbé is an artist and graphic designer based in Lebanon. Through photography, cinema, archival footage, geographic maps, her work embeds intimate and public chronicles, drawing on adolescent experiences, cinematographic and musical influences, and the mechanisms of memory and nostalgia. She has exhibited at Espace SD, Beirut Art Center and BAR. She has published numerous publications including Music Fanzine (2012-2015) and Stop Here for Happy Holiday (2010). Wehbé co-directed, with filmmaker Nadim Tabet, Eté 91 (2014) and It’s the War in Syria that Killed Her (2016).

Recording & Editing: Haissam Atme
Texts: Karine Wehbe